Sunday, January 31, 2010

A warm mid Winter

January 31

My original plan was to start keeping this blog when I started working in my garden this spring, but was inspired by a crocus on the stage at the music festival concert last night. It is traditional that there is a locally picked flower bouquet on the stage during the summer concerts and I expected to see an interesting arrangement of evergreens and branches for this concert. Instead I was surprised by a small violet colored crocus in a small china vase. Inspired by its appearance, I wandered around the garden today checking for signs of early, very early spring. No bulbs out yet in the garden. The tulips and crocuses are coming up in the pots on the deck. I keep the pots under the picnic table during the fall and winter to avoid minimize freezing and thawing that might happen in the sun and excess water.

The pots contain mixed crocuses, purple and Oilloules Tulips and maybe some snowdrops, I'll find out for certain what I planted at some point this spring.
The Witch hazel flowers opened last week

Also blooming are the New Dawn Viburnum

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