Sunday, June 27, 2010

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This perennial Geranium was a gift from a friend's garden a number of years ago. It might be Johnson's Blue, but I'm not positive. It forms pretty tidy mounds about 1.5ft tall and wide. The flowers are on the large side, about 2-3 inches across and are consistently veined.
Trollius ledebouri or Golden Globeflower
likes our humid climate and organic soils, blooms later than the yellow flowered species

Near my last day home in June I walked through the garden knowing that after a month of neglect, it wasn't going to look quite as nice as it did after only a few weeks of neglect. It is a bit difficult to keep a good garden and be a field botanist, at times it is a bit embarrassing to have people see the garden. Fortunately I live on the far end of an island and don't have to be embarrassed too often. I've learned to look at individual plants and areas that look good, and that no matter how suboptimal the rest is, there is always something that I can enjoy.


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