Monday, April 26, 2010

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Despite traveling, I didn't completely miss out on the herring eggs this year. Managed to get a few buckets up to the house last Friday. I fed the vegetable beds instead of the flowers because the nutrient demand on the annual beds is much higher.
Decided to build my own fuchsia basket this year instead of buying one ready made. Used 4 plants: two Ballerina Blues and one each White Eyes and Sunbeam Cherry. I'm not sure that I saved much money, but I did get to pick a mixture of species that I was curious about.
Also purchased 4 tomato starts in 4inch pots: Siletz, Subarctic, Fantastic and Early Tanana that Lori Adams grew in her greenhouse at her U-pick garden. I haven't grown any of these varieties previously, I've mostly stuck to Sweet Million or similar cherry tomatoes in the past. I repotted them in 6-8 inch pots yesterday. I didn't quite have enough soil ready to pot them in the extra large pots I typically use to grow tomatoes.

Also planted out two varieties of fragrant Oriental lilies (one package with 8 of each) that I picked up at Costco in March: Tom Pouce (pink) and Time Out (white). I think I'll eventually put them in pots on the deck, but for now they are in flats with just enough soil to get things going. Getting the bulbs out of the plastic was the motivating force, even with sawdust, the bulbs start to get moldy if held too long.

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