Friday, April 2, 2010


Pulomonarias are perennials that are pretty easy to grow in southeastern Alaska. They like to be moist, don't mind some shade and don't need heat to bloom consistently. I have several unknown varietys in the garden, all were pass along plants. The most prolific of the bunch is a salmon flowered variety with yellow-green leaves. It usually blooms first and longest. My favorite is probably the deep blue flowered variety. The leaves are solid green, and not as yellow. The one in the photograph is also pretty nice, blue and pink flowers and spotty leaves.

I do dead head them and give them annual feedings of compost. The pink clumps need to be divided pretty regularly.

This flashy primrose is called City of Juneau, it along with Wanda are two of the early and very brightly colored primroses blooming in the garden right now. Both City of Juneau and Wanda are Primula julieae hybrids ( as is Dorothy, another local favorite). Wanda is a similar color, but has very short flower stalks while Dorothy has light yellow flowers on tall stalks.
These are easy to grow since they seem to appreciate the conditions that are easy to come by in Sitka, moisture, organic matter and partial shade. This group forms clumps by the formation of short stolons. The clumps are pretty easy to separate, I tend to wait until after they are done blooming for the year.

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